Whatever Latvian immigration program you choose, there are following common basic steps involved in all programs:

1. You should choose an appropriate immigration solution. Take your time and carefully evaluate all pros and cons depending on your personal circumstances and plans.

2. Comply with necessary requirements associated with particular immigration program, e.g. – incorporating Latvian Company,  purchasing Real Estate or placing a deposit in Bank, etc. The timing of this stage varies depending on particular immigration and business solution.

3. Preparing all necessary documents and applications for each family member who will claim for a residence permit. It’s crucial at this stage to get reliable legal assistance to make sure that all paper work has been done properly.

4. Legalization of documents. In order to make documents issued at your home country also valid in other countries, you should properly legalize them. If you are a citizen of a country that has joined the Hague Convention, then authenticity should be certified with an Apostille by the Consular department of the ministry of Foreign Affairs.

5. Submit your Residence permit application. All adults wishing to apply for residency should visit in person nearest Latvian Embassy. Find out more about Latvian Diplomatic and Consular representations on website of Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

6. Decision making by The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA). It takes no more than 30 days unless you are a citizen of the country for the citizens of which in issuing a Residence Permit shall be performed an additional assessment (no more 3 months).

7. Collecting Residence ID Cards. Once your Residence Permit application has been approved, the immigration visa will be issued and within 3 months all family members who applied for Residence Permit should visit in person The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs in Riga, Latvia.

Latvian Residence Permit ID Card sample

Residence Permit ID Card sample

Upon arrival in Latvia you have to pass a medical examination in order to obtain a statement saying that you do not suffer from tuberculosis in the active phase. Additionally you have to obtain a health insurance policy for 1 year.

You should expect to visit Latvia for at least 2 – 3 business days in order to complete all procedures related to ID cards pickup.