Program overview

Suitable for: Large scale companies looking for business expansion into Europe and wishing to obtain residence permit for company executives and/or company owners along with family members.
Legal status in EU:  Initially applicants will obtain Latvia/EU Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) for 5 years. 
Set-up costs: Starting EUR 7’500
  • Investment of  EUR 50’000 or EUR 100’000 into any Latvian company equity capital.
  • State fee of EUR 10’000
  • Latvian company where investment has been made should generate annual taxes of EUR 40’000 (in case of EUR 50’000 investment) or should employ more than 50 people with turnover more than EUR 10m (in case of EUR 100’000 investment).
  • Police clearance certificate (PCC) for all applicants older than 14 years.
  • Good understanding of English for main applicant.
Time to complete program: 1 – 2 months depending on your citizenship
Who can apply: All non-EU citizens
Required minimum stay in Latvia: No restrictions. 

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Required Documents


Before to proceed with program you must prepare or make sure that it will be possible to obtain and legalize following documents:

  • Police clearance certificate (PCC) for all applicants older than 14 years, issued by the corresponding institution of your citizenship country (if you have resided therein for more than 12 months).
  • Marriage certificate, if applicable.
  • Child birth certificate, if applicable.
  • Proof of funds. A document certifying the provision of the necessary funds during the stay in Latvia for upcoming year.
  • Residential address. Documents certifying your expected place of residence in Latvia.
  • Valid passport. 
  • Standard Application form 

Our highly qualified immigration lawyers will make sure that you have completed all necessary applications and prepared all other documents accordingly to all currently effective regulations.