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Whether your child is learning his first steps or pursuing higher education, Latvia has plenty of possibilities in the field of education.

Primary and secondary education in Latvian government schools is free of charge and is financed from the state budget.

In Latvia, there is both state-financed and fee-paying higher education. In order to single out the most able students, whose studies are publicly financed, higher education institutions carry out a procedure of student selection.

Basic and General Secondary Education

Basic education in Latvia is compulsory. Children attend school from the year in they turn 7. Basic education lasts 9 years, consisting of four years at elementary school and five years at primary school.

General Secondary education lasts for 3 years. There are 814 Basic and General Educational schools in Latvia.

Basic and General Secondary Education in English

If you prefer that your child receive basic and general secondary education in English according to international standards, there are numerous ways to achieve that in Latvia. Most popular international schools at the moment are:

Higher Education

University of Latvia main building

University of Latvia main building

There are 40 Universities in Latvia: 25 are state owned and 15 private, as well as 24 colleges: 17 are state and 7 private.

The right to enter a higher education institution is held by all those who have completed the general secondary education program. If a certificate of secondary education has been obtained abroad, it must first be submitted for analysis to the Academic Information Centre, where it is evaluated. Then a conclusion will be reached on the validity of the foreign certificate in Latvia.

At state owned Universities there are a certain number of state-financed study places in each field of studies, so many students have opportunity to get even higher education for free by passing entry exams.

However, those students who pass their entrance examinations at University, but don’t receive marks sufficiently high enough to grant them state-financed education, can take up studies as fee-paying students. Similarly, fees are charged at all private Universities.

Academic higher education programs include: 

  • Bachelor degree programs – takes 3 or 4 years of study;
  • Master degree programs – takes 1 or 2 years of study upon completion of Bachelor degree.

Bachelor or Master degrees are not awarded in medicine or dentistry, but a degree in Medicine or Dentistry is equated to a Master degree.

Only graduates holding a Master degree or equivalent higher education diploma may take up Doctoral studies. These last 3 to 4 years, involving advanced studies, examinations and the preparation and defense of a doctoral thesis.

Higher Education in English

Most of Universities in Latvia also providing Bachelor and Master degree programs in English language. To find out most recent offerings, please visit links below: