Affordable Immigration to Europe
by Business Setup in Latvia
✓ Get 5 Years EU Residence Permit for All Family
✓ Start Business in Europe within 1 Month
✓ No Investment Required
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Investment & Wealth Immigration Programs

Programs for High-net-Worth Individuals wishing to obtain Residency or even Citizenship in Europe in the most convenient, fastest and hustle free way.

Bank Deposit immigration program

Place a Bank term Deposit

Deposit at least EUR 280’000 and get a Residence Permit approval within 1 month. Interest will be paid.
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Real Estate investment in Latvia

Real estate investment in Latvia

Purchase a Family House, Apartment or Commercial property for personal use or investment purposes.
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How We are Different

✓ Our Expertise and Experience! Our experienced team of immigration lawyers and advisers provide reliable guidance on structuring and managing immigration and business solutions already for more than 16 years.

 We’ll Save Your Money.  With our in-house competence we will save your money simply because nowadays many immigration agencies in reality are multi-layer structures of agents, sub-agents, consultants, lawyers, etc.. Such structures not only costs you more (because all members of the chain want to earn something), but also might compromise the quality of service.

Who We are

“Europe Immigration Service” is part of the group of companies under the name of “Euro Consulting Group, SIA” (registered in Latvian Register of Enterprises since 2003 with business license number – 40003624595). Our head office is located in Riga, Latvia.

We provide experience based immigration and business solutions already for more than 16 years.

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Why to choose Europe?

Personal benefits

  • Mobility. Freedom to travel and live anywhere within 26 countries of Schengen area.
  • Educational opportunities. In our increasingly globalised world it’s becoming more and more common to send children to be educated abroad. This raises their awareness of different cultures from a young age, and encourages an interest in international affairs and relations.
  • Quality of life. Standards of living in Europe have improved significantly over the past decades. Based on the the purchasing power standard (PPS), which makes international comparisons possible, EU standards of living are among the highest in the world.

Business benefits

  • World’s largest single market. European Union is an economic zone larger than that of the USA and Japan combined with 500 million customers.
  • Mobility. Free movement of people, goods, services and capital between all 28 member countries of European Union. You may choose to provide services in another EU country without establishing yourself there permanently. If you comply with the rules of the profession or trade that apply in one EU country, you can offer those services anywhere else in the EU.
  • Single Currency. With the single EURO currency, doing business in the euro area is more cost-effective and less risky.
  • One set of rules. A key benefit from the single market is that businesses only have to deal with one set of rules rather than 28 different sets of rules when exporting to or operating in more than one EU member state.