Program Overview

Minimum investment: EUR 250’000 + 5% of the value of real estate.
Time to complete program:  1 – 2 months depending on your citizenship.
Restrictions on the invested funds: You can not sell a property during first 5 years as long as you wish to maintain your temporary residence permit.
Type of a Residency: Initially, you will obtain the Temporary Residency permit (TRP) for 5 years by renewing it annually.
Who can apply: All non-EU citizens without criminal records.
Work Permit: Yes, employment will be allowed. Certain conditions apply.*

Worth to note

  By applying for Residence Permit you shall present provision of necessary funds per month to reside in Latvia for upcoming year:

Main applicant: 1080 EUR/month
Spouse: 360 EUR/month
For each children: 216 EUR/month
Example: If your family consists of 3 people – you, spouse and 1 children,
then you should provide bank statement or travel cheques in amount of 19’872 EUR

You are not allowed to buy property by cash. Only bank wire transfer!

 There are no restrictions on property use in anyway that is legal.

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