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Affordable Immigration to Europe by Business Setup in Latvia

Reliable long term European residency solution. Setup business in Latvia and get 5 years European Temporary Residence Permit for all family in less than 4 months.


Thank you for the excellent work that you did for me. I noticed from the first day that every person in your office worked with a high degree of efficiency and responsibility. It can only be hoped that many future clients will benefit from the fine work your company do.

Vikramjit Singh , Mumbai, India

Supportive and responsive team. Clear and precise explanation of procedure and timelines. 

Naresh Chand, Gujarat, India

Thanks Europe immigration Service team for provided assistance and ongoing support. Since the beginning, I have been advised in the right direction which saved me a lot of money and time. 

Erkin Audogdu, Izmir, Turkey

Greatly thankful for outstanding support in my residence permit application process. 

Zeeshan Arshad, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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Very professional & dedicated and highly recommend to others. They have solutions for all and technically guide step wise. My experience was so positive and even after my contract completion still they are guiding and provides solutions. 👍👍👍😎


Do I need to visit Latvia in order to start Latvian Business Immigration program?2017-09-04T14:58:03+03:00

Yes, it would be necessary that you visit Latvia for at least 2 business days in order to complete all legal procedures required for programs initiation. 

What are tax rates in Latvia?2018-07-04T12:30:15+03:00

Latvia has one of the lowest Corporate income tax rates as well as Personal income tax in European Union. Learn more details about taxation in Latvia in blog post All you need to know about taxes in Latvia in 2018

Where exactly is Latvia located?2018-07-04T07:58:03+03:00

Wondering where exactly Latvia is located? As an European Union member state LATVIA has a unique geographical and cultural position, providing a strategic location for business operations targeting developed economies of the Europe and emerging markets of eastern neighbors, especially Russia & CIS countries.

Find out more details about Latvia in our blog post “Quick Facts About Latvia”

Do I need Visa in order to visit UK if I’m holding Latvian Temporary Residence Permit?2017-09-04T14:32:46+03:00

Since UK is not part of Schengen area, Temporary Residents of Latvia needs Visa for travel to UK. However, you will be able to apply for UK Visa from Latvia in a convenient way.

Is there any minimum stay requirement in Latvia once I will obtain Temporary Residence Permit (TRP)?2017-09-04T14:26:17+03:00

Short answer is NO. There are no restrictions about time you have to spend in Latvia by holding Latvian Temporary Residence Permit (TRP).

However, if you are planning to obtain Latvian Permanent Residence Permit (PRP), you can do that after 5 years of holding TRP status and you should to reside in Latvia continuously during these 5 years of holding TRP. “Continuously” means that your absence from Latvia during these given 5 years should not exceeded 6 consecutive months or altogether does not exceed 1 year.

What is the difference between Temporary and Permanent residence permit?2017-09-04T14:35:05+03:00

The main difference between Latvian Temporary (TRP) and Permanent Residence (PRP) Permits is that by obtaining PRP status you have no obligation to renew permit annually and you will have almost the same rights as other European Union citizens except the right to vote and to be elected. However, by holding TRP status you still have same rights to live and move freely within the Schengen area or to start any business activity.

Can I become Latvian Citizen after obtaining Temporary Residence Permit?2017-09-04T14:37:54+03:00

Yes. Initially, you will obtain the Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) for for 5 years by renewing it annually. After 5 years those who has resided in Latvia permanently may apply for Permanent Residence Permit (PRP). You may apply for Latvian Citizenship after a 5 years of being Permanent Resident of Latvia.


  • Main applicant should be University graduate or should prove work experience in well established company.

  • After completing program your business should pay annual taxes at least in the amount of EUR 5’700. 

  • Dependent children wishing apply for residency should be younger that 18 years. 

  • English or Russian language conversational skills for main applicant. 

  • Program is applicable for all non-European citizens. 

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